Make a difference, support a child!


Sponsorship is a great way to experience the joys of helping a needy child and make a lasting difference in his or her life.  Wonderful things happen when you make the choice to.

With your aid and support, sponsorship gives underprivileged children the environment they need to grow up healthy and holistically.

How you can help


Food and Clean Water

Food plays an essential role in our children's daily lives to ensure proper health and growth. We're sure God will multiply your contributions as you help to provide much-needed relief.

Medical Care

Children requiring medical care should be provided the same. In addition, through participation in our programs, the children would also have opportunities to learn about precautionary health procedures and overall wellness.

Educational Assistance

When circumstances prevent a child from obtaining an education, your support helps our children with areas such as home study, vocational training, and other meaningful programs to help them become independent adults.

Clothing and shoes

Clothing items such as jeans, shirts and blouses, shoes are tangible benefits that help support a child's self-esteem. As such, we welcome such items for the children in need.

Be a sponsor

As a sponsor, you can share a unique relationship with a child. Through your regular contributions, you will assist in providing important benefits to a special child living in our society. Our goal is “to help children become self-reliant, positive, dynamic citizens of their communities”. The fulfilment of opening your heart to a special child who will remember your kindness and compassion for a lifetime! Contact us for all details.

Open your heart to a child! They will remember your kindness and compassion for a lifetime!