Every involvement helps change a child.


We desire to...

  • To encourage ‘at risk’ children to seek health care from a health care worker.
  • To provide opportunities for newly rescued at-risk children to master basic literacy skills and prepare them for integration into the mainstream education system.
  • To successfully enrol all residential children into the public school system.
  • To equip older youth with relevant livelihood and life skills for survival outside of the home.
  • To increase ‘at risk’ children’s and youth’s current level of knowledge about HIV / AIDS.
  • To ensure ‘at risk’ children and youth have access to HIV / AIDS-related information and support.
  • To provide basic medical needs, including first aid services.
  • To help the children and youth enhance their self-esteem and acquire skills and knowledge on how to cope and resolve problems.
  • To encourage and facilitate adoption/fostering of ‘at risk’ children.
  • To promote communication and sharing of resources with other relevant agencies and organisations. 

We believe that...

  • All children deserve love and care as demonstrated by the principles of love and compassion.
  • Children are a creation of God and have potential that we can help them realize.
  • Children come first at Raffa House.
  • Children can be prepared to make wise choices about their future.